Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables

Experts at the Human Nutrition Research center test a number of different vegetables and fruits so as to find out their ORAC, which means their antioxidant power. If you want to know the results of the research, read the information provided below.



Research has proven that black plums provide an impressive amount of 4,873 antioxidants. Half a cup of black plums contains 7, 290 antioxidants. So it is advisable to consume prunes on a regular basis.


Blueberries offer more antioxidants. For example just consuming a single cup of blueberries will offer you 13,427 antioxidants. On the other hand, the frame blueberries have 9,019 in just one cup.


As far as antioxidants are concerned, blackberries occupy the top spot on the list. However it is important to know that they also contain polyols that are known of causing abdominal complications.


Just like blueberries and raspberries, strawberries contain numerous antioxidants that protect your cells from different types of cancer.


Cherries are an appropriate sources of melatonin. It is known to protect your skin from the UV radiation of the sun. Additionally, this nutrients also repair your sunburned skin as it supports the growth of new skin cells. Moreover, cherries also contain vitamin C that develops collagen that prevents the formation of wrinkles.


Kale is full of cancer-fighting vitamins and antioxidants. Additionally, it contains beta-carotene. It is also the best combination of both lutein and zeaxanthin.


Spinach a good source of carotenoids. It boosts the health of your eyes and it also helps you to prevent macular degeneration. So you are less likely to get blind.

Brussels sprout

Brussel sprouts come with a lot of sulforaphane and the compounds that are called isothiocyanates. It detoxifies the substances that leads to getting cancer. A study discovered that eating brussels sprouts each day for three weeks reduces 28% of genetic damage.


If you want to boost your protein, you have to go for fruits and vegetables that have lots of ellagic acid such as raspberries.

Alfafa sprouts

Alfafa sprouts are known to have a lot of beta-carotene. This is responsible for protecting you from lung cancer and it makes you have healthy hair gums, skin, teeth, bones and glands. Aside from this it is a rich source of vitamin E that helps in preventing heart attacks and it also reduces the risk of death because of bladder cancer.


htfghbhjbhjbhjbhjYou should opt for black plums because they provide 4,873 antioxidants in just a single serving. However prunes provide a bit more of it.