Bowling Ball Equipment Every Beginner Should Get

When compared to other sports, you need little equipment for bowling. Ideally, you just need a bowling ball and bowling pins. It is quite fun to play this particular sport if you have bowling shoes and a bowling lane. As you consider these types of bowling equipment, you may need to bring the pinsetters, gutters, and ball returns. Moreover, you may need to consider bowling ball drill equipment.

Bowling Pins

If you are playing ten-pin bowling, you must have 10 bowling pins. In this case, the pins must be about 15 inches long and 4.7 inches wide at maximum. The wide part is also known as the belly is where the rolling ball makes contact. Bowling pins are positioned in a triangular shape with a triangle facing up the lane.

Bowling Ball

plastic bowling ballYou should note that the bowling ball is a vital piece of bowling equipment. If you are a beginner, you may consider using a house bowling ball. These balls are made of polyester. There are other pieces of house balls that are made of different materials such as reactive resin, urethane, and particle bowling balls. Ideally, the bowling ball is made up of the coverstock and the core. You can order Motiv bowling balls online here at discounted prices. Most bowling balls have only three holes drilled with the middle finger, thumb, and pointer finger.

Bowling Lane

This piece of equipment is about 60 feet long. It is 4.5 feet wide. The bowling lanes range from dry to slightly oily. How oily or dry the lane is determines the bowling ball you will use and how you can use it.

Bowling Shoes

If you are an avid bowler, you should have your own bowling shoes. This bowling equipment is quite important. A lot of people suggest that you purchase a pair of bowling shoes before buying a bowling ball. There are left-handed and right-handed bowling shoes. The left-handed ones have braking at the left foot sole and sliding on the right foot sole.


bowling gutterThis is where you want the ball to go. Although they are not a bowler’s favorite piece of equipment, these gutters line at each side of the lane. Most bowling alleys have certain bumpers for the lanes. The bumpers make it so, such that the ball does not have a choice.


In the past, pinsetters were not part of bowling equipment. Instead, it is people who stood at the end of the lanes to set up the pins as they fall. Nowadays, there are mechanical pinsetters that help set up the pins easily.