Common Causes of Man Boobs

The enlargement of the breast tissue in male chests is usually referred to as gynecomastia. All males have some elements of breast tissue. This sometimes can grow as a result of hormonal fluctuation. It may also be due to the use of steroids. Certain factors that contribute to gynaecomastia are within your control. Below are some of the causes of man boobs.


obese man

Taking more calories than you are burning off is a way of putting on weight. Weight can choose to appear on your chest. Bad eating increases fat and also creates an imbalance of the leptin hormone that inhibits the production of testosterone making it worse.


You may have embraced balding, navigates mid-life crises and developed a belly, but life is not yet through with you. There is a possibility of man boobs developing. From the age of fifty, testosterone production in men starts to deplete rapidly. By eighty, the levels drop between 20 and 50 percent which makes it hard to keep a fuller chest at bay.


Natural Oil-Based Products

The lavender and thistle beard oil can make your chin wig glisten but it may be hiding a dark secret. Research shows that using products that contain natural oil-based ingredients such as tea tree oil and lavender can cause hormonal imbalance when absorbed in your bloodstream due to their estrogen-like properties.

Steroid Use

If you are a steroid-pumping swole brother, you will know that the drug is designed to make some parts of you balloon in size. Anabolic steroids are essentially synthetic testosterone, some of which can be converted into estrogen by your body. When this happens, it can lead to gynecomastia and suspiciously bulbous pectorals.

Excessive Alcohol

Big breasts are not on the list of the things most men want but on the list of the unpleasant side effects alcohol. Drinking excess alcohol can lead to weight gain. Hoppy beers particularly are known to increase estrogen levels and thus stimulating the production of breast drinking alcohol


Swelling or tenderness in the breast area can be indicative of underlying medical conditions like liver disease, kidney failure, or Klinefelter syndrome. If you notice changes in your chest that cannot be associated with beer or sausage roll, then you need to contact your doctor to find out the cause of the problem and the cure.

Knowing the causes of man boobs is vital to help find the necessary treatment. These are some of the things which contribute to man boobs.…