Male Brazilian Hair Elimination

If you have been using hair removal creams or waxing, maybe it’s about time you move to Brazilian hair elimination. Brazilian hair elimination is a form of bikini hair removal which removes more hair than other techniques. It is referred to as Brazilian hair elimination because it is thought to have originated from Brazil. It is different from the use of creams because it uses laser technology which quickly heats and destroys hair follicles. Therefore it gives you a permanent solution by preventing future growth of hair while creams give you a temporary solution.

man getting chest hair removed

Areas it Treats

The most common question is; what areas can it treat? Brazilian hair removal can be used to treat any part of your body. Most of the men start with shoulders then they move to legs, arms, neck, hands, underarms, chest, stomach, feet, and anus.



Proper hygiene is the key factor when preparing. Ensure that you properly wash your genital area thoroughly and other areas where you expect hair elimination. When your skin is clean, hair removal is easier and less painful.

Do not shave. If you normally shave, then allow the hair to grow before you book a Brazilian appointment.

Relax. You might be worried about exposing your genitals to a male or female doctor. All you need to remember is that they have handled hundreds of clients before, so there’s nothing to worry about.


The treatment

The first thing is that you will have a discussion with the doctor or technician about the areas you want your hair removed and your desired results. Next, the technician will shave the areas and examine your skin type. Some skin types require a patch test to be done to assess whether the skin adversely reacts to the laser. Finally, the technician passes laser over the pre-agreed areas.

Since it uses the laser, you need not worry about ingrown hairs. Therefore, if you have been having a problem with ingrown hairs from waxing and using creams, Brazilian laser hair elimination is your solution.

This procedure is not painful. Most men get a feeling like that of being flicked using an elastic band. After the treatment, you can go back to work almost immediately.


The Number of Sessions

The necessary number of sessions differs from one man to another. Normally, it takes 7-8 treatments before getting the desired results. Initially, there are 4-6 weeks intervals between sessions. As the sessions increase, the time interval increases. Once your desired results are achieved, you will only need random treatments for maintenance. This makes it convenient as compared to waxing and using shaving creams.

hair removal wax


This treatment uses laser technology, meaning that doesn’t use creams or gels which could potentially leave chemicals on your skin. Such chemicals can potentially affect your skin, lymph nodes, and bloodstream. Therefore, Brazilian treatment is a safe method for permanent Hair removal.

Now that you know what Brazilian hair elimination entails, the next step is to look for an expert. You need someone who is experienced in the treatment to get quality services.…