The top components of physical fitness

Although the definition of physical fitness is an issue that is highly debated, most people agree that there are components or element of physical fitness. SportzBits agrees that physical fitness is highly related to health. The components shared in this post reveal how a healthy and fit body should be. These components include cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and muscular strength.

Elements of physical fitness

Cardiovascular fitness

heartThis is also known as cardiovascular endurance or cardio-respiratory endurance. In fact, it is the cornerstone, which creates a pathway to improve fitness levels. It can be defined as the efficiency with which a body (lungs and the heart) deliver nutrients and oxygen required by the working muscles and transportation of waste products.

Simply, it is the ability of lungs and the heart to work in harmony. They provide the body with the fuel and oxygen without reaching high levels of tiredness and fatigue. In your daily life, you need cardiovascular endurance to carry out various physical tasks such as running.

Muscular strength

It is considered to be the maximum amount of weight or force a muscle or muscle group generates in a single effort. In fact, it is just the opposite of cardiovascular fitness measured over a given period. In a normal life, you require average strength levels to carry out your daily tasks such as carrying, moving, and lifting.

Muscular endurance

This is the ability of a group of muscles to carry out repeated movements with less than the maximum force or weight for an extended period. Simply, it is how long one’s muscles can do something before they get exhausted. You should not confuse it with muscular strength. Although they work together, they are different. This is quite important for athletes. However, a normal person who just wants to keep fit, muscular endurance is quite important.


people runningThis is the ability to move joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles through a given range of motion without pain, discomfort, or hindrance. In fact, flexibility plays an important role as far as physical fitness is concerned. Improving your flexibility is vital in protecting the joints and even keeping them healthy.

Body composition

This is the percentage of fat in the body as compared to the lean body mass. In fact, it is a good indicator of a person’s overall fitness. It is also useful in determining health risks.