Top Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Sleep apnea is one of the most widespread disorders, and it can lead to significant health consequences if left untreated. In most cases, this condition can cause daytime drowsiness. It is a dangerous disease that causes you to stop breathing for a given period, especially when sleeping. Visit Sleep Cares, and know how to treat this condition. However, it is essential to understand that there are various options you need to consider when treating this condition. The following are the alternative treatments you need to consider.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

It is advisable to ensure you maintain a healthy weight if you want to stay healthy. In most cases, most professional doctors recommend people with this condition to lose weight. It has been discovered that obesity in the upper body will narrow nasal passages and increase airway obstruction risk. Therefore, these obstructions can cause you to stop breathing, especially when you are sleeping.

If you maintain a healthy and standard weight, you will keep your airways clear, reducing sleep apnea symptoms. But according to studies, it shows that moderate weight reduction can help to get rid of upper airway surgery. In simpler terms, it is crucial to note that weight loss can eliminate sleep apnea.

Change Your Sleep Position

snoringAltering your sleep position can help to reduce sleep apnea symptoms and help enhance your night’s rest. According to studies conducted, it was discovered that sleeping on your back can worsen the symptoms. On the other hand, for the elderly, sleeping on the side can help breathing return normal. It is advisable to visit your doctor and discuss better body positioning and sleeping positions you need to consider.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

At some point, lifestyle changes can encourage better sleeping habits and enhance your health. If you have been addicted to alcohol and drugs, make sure you limit your alcohol intake. It is one of the perfect ways to reduce and prevent sleep apnea complications. It is crucial to note that alcohol relaxes the throat muscles that takes care of breathing. Therefore limit or avoid alcohol intake because too much alcohol consumption leads to interrupted sleep cycle and snoring.

Conduct Regular Exercises


It is vital to note that regular exercise can enhance sleep apnea, strengthen your heart, and improve your energy levels. Yoga is among the best workouts that can enhance oxygen flow and improve your respiratory strength. Since sleep apnea is associated with decreased oxygen circulation in the body, it is advisable to understand that yoga can improve your oxygen levels.